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Configuring Blackbox on a Taranis switch

posted Jan 17, 2016, 2:49 PM by Adrian Daucourt   [ updated Jan 17, 2016, 3:22 PM ]

Configuring Blackbox On A Taranis Switch

This is a write-up for configuring Blackbox on a Taranis switch using Cleanflight.


The Blackbox feature is an excellent method for identifying anomalies on your aircraft and adjusting your PID settings. This is a quick walkthrough on configuring Blackbox with on-board flash commonly found on the SP Racing F3Lumenier LUXNaze32 Rev6, and any other flight controller with on-board memory/integrated flash. 

If you choose to log your flight data as soon as you connect your battery this is entirely possible, but I do not recommended it. I prefer to get a few batteries in and wait until I am in the "groove" before I start to log flight data. Blackbox data is most valuable under dynamic flight conditions such as flipping, rolling, punch outs, drop and catches, etc. This is why I recommend configuring Blackbox on a switch to capitalize on the best flight data possible before your on-board memory has been exhausted.

Some of you might know how painfully slow it is to dump your Blackbox data. For those who don't it takes me approximately 30 minutes or more at times. If you try this in the field on your Android device via EZ-GUI Ground Station it may take even longer. It also takes some time to erase the data as well, so it is not entirely practical to use the method of erasing after every flight until you have warmed up.

So let's jump right in to the configurations necessary to get started.

Configuration for Taranis

On your Taranis you need to configure an AUX channel you plan to use to assign the switch. I created it on the MIXER page on CH7 as illustrated below.

On the SERVOS page I adjusted my CH7 endpoints to -97.8<- 97.7->. The servo adjustment I believe to be a best practice for setting true endpoints at 1000us and 2000us respectively.

Configuration for Cleanflight Configurator

On the CLI page in Cleanflight Configurator enter the following commands:

feature blackbox
set blackbox_device=SPIFLASH

After running the above commands when you select the Configuration page in Cleanflight Configurator it should look like this:

On the Modes page in Cleanflight Configurator you will need to select the AUX channel you created in the Taranis portion of the setup and select the range on the switch to ensure it is activated when throwing the switch. It should look something like this when activated:

After arming and activating the switch you configured in the previous step Blackbox will begin logging. If you want to stop logging you simply put the switch in the inactive position and it will stop. You may continue logging again placing the switch in the active position once again. Once you land and connect to Cleanflight via Cleanflight Configurator you will see the following on the Dataflash page.

For more information on setting up Blackbox please check out an excellent community resource over at Oscar Liang's Blog where he covers several different scenarios. 

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